Candidate close-up: Orange!

By Amanda GARCIA | published on 29/10/2019 à 10:35

Candidate Close-up: Orange!

For the past 4 years, the CUBE 2020 competition (or the French energy saving championship), has been awarding the non-residential buildings (office buildings, commercial centers, semi-industrial sites, etc.) that have reduced their energy consumption and CO2 emissions the most.

To reduce their energy consumption, dozens of techniques and eco-acts have been implemented, often simple, sometimes very innovative: creating "green teams", adjusting the temperatures and hours of heating, eliminating lighting at night and shutting down water fountains, installing well-sealed doors... The result? 12% energy savings on average.

The ELAN Law[1] requires all companies to reduce their energy consumption by 40% in 10 years, by 2030. The winners of the CUBE Competition have achieved just that in just one year. Below you will find the results from the winning contestants this year, such as ORANGE, with its Place d'Alleray Building, one of the 3 winners of the 2019 CUBE edition having achieved more than 40%+ energy savings!

# 1 ORANGE's "Place D'Alleray" Building
So many savings, how is it possible? This is the classic story of all great buildings that must be managed from A to Z by the user company (or tenant company) following the great moments of implementation. This building, with 1,044 employees in 17,000m2 in the XVth arrondissement (or neighborhood) of Paris.
In this building, the conjunction of three factors had moved the building away from its nominal consumption: the re-installation of employees on the site in 2015, the delivery of renovations 5 years ago that, (on the owner's side) were not subject to the necessary attention in terms of commissioning (reception and adjustment operations), and lastly, Orange's outsourcing operation of the operation and maintenance services which had created some distance between the business and the driving of the equipment.
At the same time, Orange was preparing a committed and result-oriented energy and environmental policy combined with a complete toolbox: audits, assistants for operational project management, operator management, interactions with hosted services, among others.
It was the application of this "on the ground" policy during the competition year, that propelled the performance obtained at the end of this CUBE 2020 edition. The project management assistants detected the enormous available deposit, they controlled the recovery in hand of the BMS, which had been poorly receiving and passing orders for communication, reprogramming, and was reprogrammed to also better regulate in accordance with water laws. The audits also found that the control valves on the district heating were constantly open and on! This was reprogrammed, and the lighting in the parking lot for cars was relamped to two-thirds LED management.
On the users' side, the policy was broken down using the communication toolkit, holding meetings and presentating the results, a smartphone application for employees to add their ideas and share these among the different Orange boutiques and HQs participating in the contest was created, where monthly challenges were also diffused to the many Orange teams participating and where they could directly add their responses and interpretations of the challenges. The building's green committee, which was expecting 15% energy savings at the end of the competition, was pleased to find the building progressing towards ... almost 60%!
Fabien David, Head of Energy and Sustainable Development at the Group's Real Estate Department summarized the approach, "We must contribute to the economic performance of the company with all of the levers available to us! With our experience participating in CUBE 2020, and in accordance with our internal energy and sustainability policy, we are preparing a global deployment of CUBE on all our sites."
A great reward for ORANGE, which has given itself the means to arrive at a sustainable performance and a systematic search for competitiveness in terms of its real estate costs. Congratulations from the organizers: we could not believe our eyes!


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