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  • Administrative

    • We are tenants in only one part of the building. Can we register? 

      p>When the entity that takes the "CUBE ticket" is a user of the building, it must occupy at least 80% of the lettable area of the building:

      • either directly by its own occupation,
      • or because it brings together various tenants to achieve occupancy of at least 80% of the area. In this case, the entity or primary user who takes the "CUBE ticket" is able to present the consolidated consumption of all the tenants participating in CUBE2020.

      The tenants are more easily united by the owner or the user of the building (multi-tenant case): having enlisted at least 80% of the users of the building in the competition, the lessor or the user may register a building when it enlists at least 80% of the users and is able to present the total consolidated consumption for the building (private and common areas) on a monthly basis for each of the types of energy used.

      In terms of organising the competition, a single contact for the building will be necessary: lessor, or operator, or main user. 

    • Can an owner register with his tenants?

    • What are the methods of registering one or more buildings? 

  • Communication

    • What communication and entertainment is being organised throughout the year of the competition?

    • What resources will be available to candidates to deploy/encourage interest in the competition in their buildings?

  • Technology

    • Recurring question about the registration of multi-building sites: can we register a site consisting of several buildings? How much does it cost to register?
    • Sub-metering of the commercial sector: our site comprises various buildings, some involved in services, some involved in production and some involved in research, but they are connected to a single point of ERDF supply. Are they eligible? If so, separately or as a whole? 

    • Presence of process: how to manage it?
      Recurring question: we are thinking about having our buildings participate in the next edition of Cube 2020 and we are wondering the following about their eligibility in terms of the competition: one of our buildings accommodates both service and production activities. Is it eligible to participate in the competition?

    • What are the categories for 2015?

  • General

    • When is the deadline for registering for the second edition?

    • How much time is required to find out the historical data of a building in a company that has shelved all its data?

    • What is the name of the tool that calculates the ranking?

    • How is the cumulative saving percentage calculated?

    • What if we do not receive a monthly bill but a bill that is less frequent? 

    • Participation takes time?

    • How to fill in historical consumption?